Steve’s Update for 6/1/11

Climatology 2011: Hmmm.  Yesterday’s cold front brought near freezing temps in the AM.  A hint of moisture in the air this morning.  Maybe there will be a break in the windy/dry pattern.


This week’s Cow stories:  Mesa Top cows and Jim Miller Ayrshire project:  The cows are doing their cow thing.  Nothing too much to report there.  It is almost weaning time for several of them.  This is never a happy thing.  Also time for many to be branded and worked.  Some time this month bull calves born last fall will start being sold.  I need the $$ to pay for feed and hay.


This week’s cheese and herd share share update:  I have written  up some background information on herd shares and the various goings on with Raw Milk that make the herd share approach relevant.  Thank you to members who have expressed interest in the herd shares.  This info will be on the way to you soon after final editing is completed.  Let Dena know if you would like this information sent to you.

We have resurrected several more pieces of equipment from the farm bone yard, specifically water heaters and pumps, along the way to getting our tilt kettle on line; the kettle which will increase our ease of production and allow larger batches of cheese.

The next practical issue to resolve is cooling and humidity in the aging room for summer, and also improvements to the cheese pressing process.  Without a source of revenue or capital to make these improvements quickly, we find ourselves just inching along, steadily but slowly.

We also will have 3 or 4 pigs going to harvest later in June.  These 4 have been raised exclusively on whey and milk and wheat (the same wheat that the chickens eat) and they are very healthy and well proportioned.  They will be fairly lean and should produce very tender meat.  I will have more info next week on how we plan to sell the meat.  If you have an interest in field/range raised, healthy pork, let us know!

This week’s cheese share includes: Ayshire Salado Jack and Asiago


This week’s beef family pack update:  It is hard to give you in advance the exact contents of the beef share as I usually pull them from the freezer on Thursday AM, and I have to assess how many shares we need and what we have left to work with.  Generally there are 8-9 lbs of beef in the share, which is made up of steaks, roasts, ground and/or stew meat.  I am getting low on roasts from the last beef, so there will be more steak until the next beef is finished and ready, some time in July I expect.  But this is a good guideline for you to keep in mind when considering whether a beef share is for you.


This week’s Veggie/Share Update:  Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!  Are you ready for a whole lot of vegetables:  This week we have a nice mix of fresh, ready to eat salad makings, including sprouts, lettuce, and arugula.  We also have some cook-able greens and roots, including chard, turnips, and some of the very last of 2010 fall organic potatoes.  Note that the spring turnips are so very sweet that you may want to use them in the salad rather than cooking them.  The greens should be good for cooking.

The special surprise of the week is garlic scapes, delicacy of spring which grows up out of the center of the hard necked varieties of garlic, and if allowed, flowers and sets seed.  Farmers cut the scapes off while they are tender and young, rather than allowing them to flower, which in turn puts more of the plant’s energy into the root/bulb.

We hope to give you scapes once or twice more, in addition top this week.  You can store them like cut flowers in a jar of water, and chop them up for use in salads or in cooking; they have a mild, fresh garlic flavor.


Membership news:  Thank you for your investment in the CSA .

We appreciate your continued support!

Steve Warshawer


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