Broccoli Greens with Ginger

The ginger has been a great treat to add to many recipes.  It has gone in most of my vegetable dishes.  If you are not using your ginger as quickly as me, you can freeze it with the following tip.  I learned this from my sister.  She went to cooking classes in California.  It works very well.


Peel the ginger.  I use a small pairing knife, but I have seen people use lots of different kitchen tools including a grapefruit spoon and peeler.  I try to get as much skin off as possible because it is harder once frozen.  Cut into chunks.  Place inside of wax paper and then a jar.  The wax paper helps keep the frost off the ginger.  When you want to add ginger, take a frozen piece and grate it into your dish.

The broccoli greens are a substantial green, similar to the texture of collards.  I love to saute collards in onions, garlic and ginger.  The broccoli greens went well with this combination.  You could even eat with scrambled Mesa Top eggs.  Enjoy.


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