Steve’s Weekly Update 5/11/11

Climatology 2011: still dry.  Did any of you hear about the “ojo de la vaca fire”?  It was up on the north rim of the mesa, a long way from the farm.  That fire awakened concerns I have for my anti-grazing neighbors whose pastures will be explosive if they ignite.  Glad that we manage our grass here, with the help of our cows.

Farming for the present and future at Mesa Top:  No new news 

This week’s Cow stories:  Mesa Top cows and Jim Miller Ayrshire project:  Our last momma Tarentaise had her calf this past weekend, also a boy.  And one more Ayrshire in Colorado had her calf, a boy.  So there is now just one Ayrshire to calf, in Colorado, due any day.  We are at 3 heifers and 13 bulls for this round of calving, beginning late last fall.

This week’s cheese share update:   We really hope members will buy our Mesa Top Gouda and Monterey Jack based cheeses, and give us feedback.  Please understand that small batch cheeses are a real challenge when it comes to developing processes that result in a high degree of consistency.  We have taken traditional recipes for Gouda and Jack and Cheddar, and when we apply those recipes under our conditions, with our variables, we get something that is unique.

I remember visiting another cheese operation that was trying to make a blue cheese, and they were going to throw away the cheese that they made because it was not truly a blue cheese.  I tasted it and it was awesome!  So I suggested that they come up with a unique name, which they did, and now it is a successful cheese for them.

I am suggesting that hopefully the Mesa Top cheeses at this early stage of our learning and development are a interesting and tasty cheeses, and if they do not fit your expectation of a gouda or jack or a cheddar, perhaps you could suggest a name for our cheese, and we can create a new experience, given meaning by a new name.

This week’s cheese share includes: Mesa Top Ayrshire Salado Jack and white cheddar.

This week’s beef share update:  The big surge of member interest in the beef share got us off to a great start.  Now we look forward to a modest ongoing flow of weekly shares.

This week’s Veggie/Share Update:  The greenery is back!  Look for salad mix, broccoli greens, and Swiss chard.  This is almost half the share value even though it is barely over 1.5 lbs of greens!  The fresh greens are tender and young, that is why our early season farmers charge a higher price for them that bunches that comes along later in the season.

We have delivery of living sauerkraut from Gemini Farm, and we have the outstanding Big B’s Organic apple juice.

Membership news:  Thank you for your increasing investment in the CSA as we begin to anticipate our relationship building efforts with our farmers going into the 2011 growing season.

We appreciate your continued support!

Steve Warshawer


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