Enchiladas with Lettuce

The lettuce mix is great from our share last week.  My friend and CSA member Zahira made dinner tonight.  It was fabulous hot green/red chile on chicken enchiladas.  She invited me over as I was about to eat another salad with my dinner.  We did some CSA revision on the dinner and added a lettuce salad on the top of enchiladas.  Great idea of how to add a vegetable to a delicious dinner.  We added some sour cream on top of the lettuce and it melded with the stacked enchiladas.  Here is the recipe.

1 chicken, roasted and shredded

corn tortillas

local cheese (we used asadero from the CSA)

green and red chile sauce

lettuce mix from CSA

lowfat sour cream

Add a small amount of the chile to the plate before placing a tortilla on it.  This will help prevent sticking when you place it in the oven to melt the cheese.  Place a tortilla on the sauce.  Add chicken, cheese and chile sauce.  Make another layer.  Add cheese to the top.  Turn oven on to 350 degrees and place plates in oven to melt cheese.  Add the lettuce and sour cream on the top.  Enjoy!


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