Steve’s Weekly Update 5/4/11

Hello Members,

Climatology 2011: 14 degrees here at Mesa Top this morning. On May 3rd? Never seen temps like that in May before. We still haven’t had that one more good spring snow or rain that would set up our cool season pastures for a month of growth. But at least the temps are cool.

Farming for the present and future at Mesa Top: No news on the loan fund front. I am looking for a third party partner to manage the loans and payments. And of course, for more possible funders who would like to support the farm and receive a payment stream for their loan.

This week’s Cow stories:  Our last momma Ayrshire had her calf this past weekend, the day before the cold weather hit. Flower had a boy, meaning that we now have 2 heifers and 8 bull calves here from this year’s calves. We have one more range cow, a Tarentaise, still due and then that is it.

We have 6 cows in Colorado, and 2 are yet to calf. Of the 4 that have had their calves, 3 are boys. So overall we are 13 and 3, with 3 to go.

This week’s cheese share update: Mesa Top cheeses are now pretty well sorted and ready for sale. We have a nice supply of Gouda and Monterrey jack that is 60 days old or more. We also have various cheeses made according to cheddar recipes that are acting more like Romano or Parmesan type cheeses. They are pretty hard and dry and grate very well. We are hoping to interest members in more Mesa Top aged raw milk Ayrshire cheeses. They come in blocks ranging from 3 lbs on up to 7.5 lbs.

This week’s cheese share includes: a variety of artisanal cheeses including one type of Aryshire Mesa Top cheese.

This week’s beef share update: The big surge of member interest in the beef share got us off to a great start. Now we look forward to a modest ongoing flow of weekly shares.

This week’s Veggie/Share Update: This week’s share is an odd mix. Not much
greenery available this week, so we are giving a very big organic salad portion. Also we have organic onions and potatoes, and a jar of sugar-free apple butter.

Along with that we have a special treat from our good friends at Papohaku farm in
Molokai: biodynamic ginger. Though this is in no way local, this is a unique food from a special farm that is a part of our biodynamic community. We have been including BD ginger from this farm in the CSA share for over a decade.

If you are concerned about not being able to use your ginger quickly enough, you can
freeze the ginger, in its raw state. When thawed out it is good as new, albeit a little more stringy.

Membership news: Thank you for your increasing investment in the CSA as we begin to anticipate our relationship building efforts with our farmers going into the 2011 growing season. We have just changed our Albuquerque distribution site to The Source on Carlisle SE and have gained three new members in three days! Let your Albuquerque friends and family know of this change.

We appreciate your continued support!

Steve Warshawer


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