Steve’s Update 4/13/11

Climatology 2011: what can we say about spring? Sure is dry.  I noticed that the grasses really want to grow.  We missed a couple of nice spring storms in the last week or two. The country sure could use some precip…

Steve’s distraction and mea culpa: Since January 1 I have been working as part of a diverse team of public, private and native partners to launch a mobile grocery truck to bring fresh and healthy foods to native communities.  We are starting out at Santo Domingo Pueblo and are scheduled to launch on Monday.  Our trailer was very late in arriving and many systems are still being developed for this venture as this is something that has never been done in a rural setting.  I am working more than I can ever remember to get this project to square one.  I think we can do it!  But it has taken a lot of energy away from other things, such as weekly member messages.  I am excited about the progress we are making and hope to invite you to our grand opening in early May.


This week’s Cow stories:  Mesa Top cows, and Jim Miller Ayrshire project:

2 more calves up at Kurtis’s farm in Fountain; a heifer and a bull.  And yesterday Candace, our oldest cow in the herd, was spotted with a little brown calf.  She is a “damaged” milker:  several years of previous poor handling have left her with only 2 working quarters (out of 4).  Several times I have been told I should cull her.  Her last two calves, both bulls, have not survived.  But I keep holding out for her to come through and deliver and adapt to being a “range cow” and just producing a healthy calf each year.  She bred back last year very quickly, and she is behaving like s smart momma cow, hiding her calf and coming down for food and water on her own.  We have to catch her and the calf and give them a health checkup.  If she is doing well she will go out on pasture with her calf and we’ll see how she does.  With only 2 working quarters, there is really no point in milking her and trying to get her to raise a calf as well.


This week’s cheese share update:

This week’s cheese share includes:  Mesa Top ricotta and hot pepper jack.


This week’s Veggie/Share Update:

This week we are caught in a gap on produce, as several anticipated items did not come through.  So you have a mix of salad and cooking greens.  We hope to rebound with more quantity and variety next week.

It has been quite a while since we gave either peanut butter or honey, so this seemed like a good week to get those local grocery items back into your cupboards.

And we hope you enjoy the polenta from Santa Ana Pueblo.


Membership news:

Thank you for your increasing investment in the CSA as we begin to anticipate our relationship building efforts with our farmers going into the 2011 growing season.

We appreciate your continued support!

Steve Warshawer




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2 responses to “Steve’s Update 4/13/11

  1. John Otter

    Please put the plain weekly distribution in a single paragraph clearly. It is confusing to know whether the cheese share is included. Also “I hope you enjoy the pollenta” is not completely clear whether that is an option, as I gather the cheese is, or in the plain distribution. I haven’t memorized the optional extras to know for sure what is which.

    • John,
      The cheese share is a separate share and is listed first in all of our weekly emails. The produce share is listed on the blog, website, FB and Twitter. Let me know if that answers your question.

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