Dinosaur Kale Ceviche

Talking to others about how you will prepare your CSA ingredients is key to gathering new and great ideas.  Raw Kale salad is usually something that I make with curly kale in the summer.  Dena has a great recipe for it that is already on the blog.  We were talking tonight about the dinosaur kale that I typically think of as a tougher winter ingredient.  Well, our conversation opened my eyes to the possibility of a raw kale salad with the dinosaur kale.  The main difference is that you need to let it marinate in the lemon and olive oil for four hours or overnight to have the same texture as the other varieties of kale.  This sounds great and I will make tonight for my lunch-on-the-go tomorrow.


Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Dinosaur Kale Ceviche

By Dena

1 head dinosaur kale, de-stemmed and sliced thin

2 cloves of garlic, chopped fine

olive oil


pinch or two pinches of sea salt

red pepper flake

I only use enough olive oil to coat my hands and then massage it into the kale.  If you get too much, it will be a very oily and drippy salad.  Massage for about 3 minutes.  Add the other ingredients and toss.  Make sure that you are only adding a little bit of salt.  It will get really salty when it marinates so be careful.  Let marinate for four hours to achieve a great texture for eating.


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