Week of Meals 3/18 – 3/22/11

Swiss chard is in the share this week.  I am visiting gardens for my non-profit’s Kitchen Garden tour this summer.  Chard is one of the vegetables that many people grow.  I grow it as well so that I can enjoy it more often than the CSA shares.  The chard in our share is from the greenhouses in Albuquerque at Los Poblanos Organics.

I usually cook my chard with the stems removed.  It makes a great addition to pasta, including macaroni and cheese.  Here is a quick recipe from my lunch with chard yesterday.  I have also listed the other items I plan to cook this week.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Week of Meals

CSA Share: Radishes, Swiss Chard, Raspberry Jam, Grapefruits, Red Potatoes, Pink Lady Apples

Friday: Swiss Chard, Chicken Sausage and Pasta

Saturday: Blue Corn Pancakes with Raspberry Jam

Sunday: Chicken Sausage with Spinach and Roasted Red Potatoes

Monday: Salad with Apples and Radishes

Tuesday: Apple cake



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