Steve’s Weekly Update 3/16/11

Climatology 2011: Back to spring, warm days, plenty of wind, and cool nights.  Cool season grasses in the wetter and south exposed areas are starting to green up.

Finance Revolution, continued!

This week’s Cow stories:  Mesa Top cows, and Jim Miller Ayrshire project:

I understand that some folks found last week’s entry to be a bit “TMI”  (Too Much Information).  Sorry about that.  I will keep it short and to the point.

Foggy improved dramatically as the week went along so we ended his antibiotic treatment and put him outside with Dottie.  All seemed well but then the infection returned with a vengeance on Saturday and he was so ill before we noticed it that the resumption of treatment could not save him.  That is the risk with antibiotics.  For all the good they do, if the bacteria survive it, they get stronger.  We know that we did the best we could.  We know that we had to balance his needs with his momma’s needs.  We all regret the loss.

We developed our own, crude sling and hoisted Dottie to her feet on Friday.  The sling is not too efficient and we are now redesigning it.  We need a sling system that is easy to hoist, can stay wrapped around Dottie most all the time.  The commercial version does that, but we cannot afford it.

Ideally we would have a flotation tank for her exercise therapy, but absent that (not something we can afford) we will develop a bed of straw bales that she can rest her mid section on and so she can rest and lift herself up, but not always have weight on her legs.

This is good progress but in no way are we “out of the woods” with Dottie.

Anyone seamsters or -stresses who might wish to help us sew up a sling?  Or otherwise help us develop Dottie’s physical therapy regimen/routine.  Does anyone know people who do this with horses locally?

We have gotten our designs and measurements for the cheese room and milking parlor and hope to get things designed and in place within the next month of 6 weeks.  Here again, assistance and support of any kind is welcome.


This week’s cheese share update:

This week the cheese share will be Asadero and a sharp aged cheese.

This week’s Veggie/Share Update:

More Greens arrive! Cooking greens and radishes from the greenhouses of Los Poblanos Farm in Albuquerque.  And arugula from Agricultura COOP!

There should be increasing variety as the weeks pass…  Other early roots and greens…  Most everything you get now CAN be enjoyed as salad, even the cooking greens are tender.  I recommend at this time of year to taste all greens before cooking them, and even if you do cook them, do it very lightly.  Early greens are very tender!

We continue with Arizona Organic Pink Lady Apples.  They will be around for a month or so.  Enjoy them!  I do not know how it happened, but we have yet another to week out of Rio Star Grapefruit from South Texas Organics.

From the grocery side comes Heidi’s organic raspberry jam.

From the storage vegetables, we have red potatoes from White Mountain Farm.


Membership news:

Thank you for your increasing investment in the CSA as we begin to anticipate our relationship building efforts with our farmers going into the 2011 growing season.

We appreciate your continued support!

Steve Warshawer



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