Week of Meals 2/27 – 3/1/11

This week we received many foods that I could eat without recipes or meal planning. I traveled to North Carolina with my dad and we brought the apples, pea shoots, peanuts and chutney to eat as snacks on the plane.  We got some strange looks for our spread, but it tasted great and was healthier than standard airport food.  I saved the apricots in the freezer for a future tart and the potatoes in a paper bag in the garage to store.

The chutney is a great addition to our CSA share this winter.  I will be using it as a baking ingredient with blue corn atole muffins.  It also tastes great with chips!

CSA Share
Southwest Chutney, Purple Potatoes, Apricots, Peanuts, Pea Shoots, Pink Lady Apples
Week of Meals

Saturday: Apples, pea shoots, peanuts and chutney as snacks on the plane

Sunday: Pea shoots added to a restaurant salad

Monday: Plan to add peanuts to Thai food from a restaurant

Tuesday: Atole Cornbread Muffins with Chutney Filling



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2 responses to “Week of Meals 2/27 – 3/1/11

  1. Linda Young

    Would love your blue corn atoll muffin recipe! I finally got around to making the bread with quinoa only couldn’t get on to my computer for the recipe. So I improvised on a basic recipe from my Norwegian grandmother and I have to say it turned out quite yummy! The apples were delicious as always! Yum!

    • Your bread sounds good. Send me the recipe if it worked well with quinoa. I love the idea that it was from your Norwegian grandmother! Makes me think of my childhood with my Grandma Sarah who was the toughest and most beautiful woman that I knew and she baked wonderful things from her Norwegian recipes.

      I will post the blue corn muffin recipe tomorrow. Have fun with it.

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