Simply Honey is Simply Delicious

The Colorado Clover Honey from last week’s CSA share is from Simply Honey.  It was a treat to receive as part of the share.  We will have it available on the special order list this winter.

We received the clover honey and here is the description of the honey from their website:

One of the mildest honeys we produce, Clover, gets its name from yellow and white sweet clover found in the high altitude of the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico. This is our most popular honey among people that are use to light honey. Unlike our other honey we are able to produce clover honey fairly consistently, although some color variation is normal from year to year.

This is a decadent type of honey for me.  I am using honey and agave nectar as my sweeteners so I have developed a “honey palate”.  I have a local honey, bulk local honey and then the Simply Honey in my cabinet.  The Simply Honey is what I use for tea (on a spoon!) and to bake special items like bread and the crescent rolls that my dad made last year.  Here is the recipe link if you want to make those during this cold week.

Click here for honey-carrot soup and honey crescent rolls recipes

I also make my own whole wheat bread throughout the winter months.  You can order local whole wheat flour on Marketplace.  I have changed to the local flour for 100% whole wheat and stick to King Arthur Flour for white whole wheat that has a finer consistency for muffins and delicate baked items.  Here is a good bread recipe with honey.  I use about 1/4 cup honey and don’t add maple sugar.  I also use regular yeast in a packet or 2-1/4 tsps with 1/4 cup warm-hot water and a tsp of sugar.  This works better for me than instant yeast.

Click here for the recipe


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