Purple Potato Recipe from Jen

In my “Week of Meals” I planned to eat some of the purple potatoes on Monday night.  My recipe was roasting them while I cooked other items in the oven, but Jen sent me this recipe for smashed purple potatoes and I switched to this recipe.  Thanks Jen!  The website is called Smitten Kitchen and it always has appetizing photos that gear me up to make the dish.  This site also educated me on purple potatoes that I want to share with you.

According to NYMag.com, this potato was developed in Colorado in 2006 using “natural cross-breeding techniques that somehow results in a superspud containing freakishly high amounts of antioxidants.”

Colorado potatoes are as prized as Idaho potatoes.  They are less known, but Steve adds them to our shares and I knew there had to be another reason besides great taste.  They have more healthy antioxidants!  Enjoy making this recipe by smashing your potatoes with a fork.

Fork Crushed Purple Potatoes

From the Smitten Kitchen

Click here for the recipe link


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