Fig Ideas from Members

Linda and Alice had some simple ideas to enjoy the frozen figs.  Here are their recipes and tips.

Fig Compote

By Linda

She made a compote adding a little water, the figs, three apples, a quince, the zest and juice of one lemon.  Great on granola, with yogurt and if you want dessert, ice or whipped cream would work great.

Chocolate Covered Figs

By Alice

She used  melted chocolate (dark , semi- sweet Baker’s works best)and covered the figs like you do with strawberries. Yum, delicious dessert!



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2 responses to “Fig Ideas from Members

  1. Linda Young

    Mmmmmmm chocolate covered figs sound delectable!!! Did you let them thaw first? Or dip and refreeze?

  2. alice lee

    I thawed them first and then after dipping in chocolate, put them back in fridge. Non frozen fresh figs would have worked better, but hey, no complaints here! My all time favorite chocolate treat is Fran’s of Seattle, chocolate covered figs. I have my Seattle friend send them on occasion.

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