Carrot Soup Recipe

The carrots and the figs were the share items that I planned recipes around last week because the other great ingredients could be stored in my winter pantry. At the time that we received the share I did not plan meals around the other ingredients because they were things that I would have purchased such as nuts and red chile.  My “week of meals” focused around cooking greens that I purchased at the Coop and used some red chile in my spinach tacos, some pecans in a salad and peanut butter for a quick sandwich on my way to school.  The great thing about the winter CSA is that the staple ingredients that are local.  I would much rather use the intense flavor of the local red chile or the creamy local pecans.  The carrots were one ingredient that I was able to use a new recipe.  I am already excited about the sprouts, purple potatoes, sunchokes and honey in this week’s share so look for a “Week of Meals” post this Friday.

The carrots have done a great job in my refrigerator’s crisper if I keep them in the compostable bags.  I think that I have about 4lbs of carrots stored in my fridge.  A soup is a nice way to enjoy the sweetness and creamy texture of the carrot at the beginning of a meal.  This recipe uses 2lbs of the carrots so I will need to freeze the remaining soup in 2 cup increments to save for quick future meals.  I noticed that my neighbor has tons of pre-made dinners like soup in his freezer and takes them to work at the hospital.  That is a great way to retain your healthy eating habits while at work.

This is an easy soup to make with fresh ginger and milk to add a better creamy texture.

Carrot Soup

From Simple Comfort Food blog

Click here for the recipe link


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