Frozen Fig Recipe

Shiraz Vineyard grows amazing figs that many of you will remember from the past few years.  We enjoyed figs last June broiled with cheese and honey.  This year they also froze some so that we would have fresh regional fruit this winter.  Once they are frozen, you will need to thaw about halfway and then boil to retain their shape.  You could complete the entire bag and store in a jar for use throughout the next few weeks.  You could also make a lovely jam to enjoy on toast.  Here is a recipe from an interesting food blog called Kiss My Spatula.  It is very straightforward and delicious.  If you don’t like the jam on toast, use it as a pie or bake into a dessert.

Fig Jam

From Kiss My Spatula

Click here for the recipe



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4 responses to “Frozen Fig Recipe

  1. Linda Young

    This jam sounds yummy! I wasn’t feeling too energetic by the time I got to our figs last week and ended up just making a compote adding a little water, the figs, three apples, a quince, the zest and juice of one lemon. That was all! And in my opinion it is delicious and plenty sweet. My son agrees! Great on granola, with yogurt and if you want dessert, ice ow whipped cream would work great. So much fun to have these new experiences with food! I am loving it!

  2. alice lee

    I used melted chocolate (dark , semi- sweet Baker’s works best)and covered the figs like you do with strawberries. Yum, delicious dessert!

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