Pinto Beans Recipe

Dried beans are a great staple ingredient to make batches for the week of soup, green chile dishes and sides.  Living in high altitude, we have challenges to cook beans in a regular pot as they do not reach a nice texture.  I tried this several times when I first moved here and was not able to produce a tasty bean dish…even after two days of cooking!  Dena provided some tips to cooking beans and she uses a pressure cooker to achieve a good texture.  You could also use a slow cooker on low for five to seven hours.

Pinto Bean Tips

From Dena

  • Sort the beans throughly, 10 to 12 beans in your hand at a time
  • Remove out any rocks
  • Wash throughly in a strainer
  • Soak the beans overnight in purified water
  • Use the same water to cook the beans in a pressure cooker or slow cooker on low. (don’t add salt to the beans as this will slow the process)
  • Cook the beans until tender and check them to ensure they are tender
  • After they are cooked, saute onion and garlic to add.  Tamari and red chile powder add flavor.

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