Hubbard Squash Soup Recipes

Winter squash makes creamy soups and hubbard provides a nice heavy texture for pureed or stews.  Here are two recipes that work well with the squash.  Dena provided the first one with curry and coconut milk.  I found a recipe that used two of our CSA ingredients, squash and pinto beans.  This stew was noted as a southwestern stew, but used a can of roasted jalapenos to make it more usable throughout the country.  We are fortunate to have red chile so I will use that instead.  I roasted my hubbard squash so it was easier to cut into chunks for the stew.  Stew is a good thing to make over the weekend when you can let it cook for a few hours and watch it.  Cornbread would be a nice side dish.  Enjoy.

Hubbard Squash and Pinto Bean Stew

Click here for the recipe

Winter Squash Soup

From Dena

Cooked winter squash, pureed with coconut milk.
Add sauted chopped onion, celery and red bell pepper (in butter)
when onion is browned, add garam masala or curry powder.
Add to puree, add canned (drained) or fresh corn. Add vegetable or chicken broth to desired consistency.
Shrimp, chicken or cubed sauteed tofu can be added for protein also.



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  1. Thank you–keep up the good work on sustainability.

  2. Thanks alot mate, this is a really nice Hubbard Squash Soup Recipes 🙂

    I’m bookmarking this page!!

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