Honey Lemon Apple Jam

Making bread over the weekend provides crispy breakfast toast during the week.  Yesterday I posted the quinoa bread recipe as a great way to use the quinoa with whole grain wheat flour.  Good toast needs a flavorful fruit spread and we have been receiving great fruit to make jams, curds and jellies.  Making jam is actually a much easier process than you would think.  It does not take all day and the hour or so that it takes to make will provide jam for several weeks of toast.  Here are the recipes for Meyer Lemons and Pomegranates.

Lemon Curd- Click here for the Meyer Lemon recipe

Pomegranate Jam- Click here for the Pomegranate Jelly recipe

I have quite a few apples in my fridge and have been making apple sauce and diced apple compote to eat with my yogurt.  I have tried to make these into a spreadable consistency, but they don’t seem to turn into a jam when boiled.  Apples do have pectin so I could not figure out how to make a jam until I found this recipe on the Food in Jars website. This does produce a jam!  The recipe uses pectin, but you could boil the cores and skins to produce pectin and add it to the recipe.  I did not try it that way, but the comments on this site show that it does work.  I made basically a quarter of the recipe so you can size it to the number of apples that you want to work with.  Enjoy.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Apple Honey Lemon Jam

From the Food in Jars website

Click here for the recipe


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