Quinoa Bread Recipe

Quinoa is an ancient seed that originated in South America and was brought to the southwestern states.  It was one of the three staple foods, along with corn and potatoes, of the Inca civilization.  White Mountain Farms in Mosca, CO has been growing organic quinoa for almost 20 years and we have it in our share this week.  This is a seed instead of a grain and has a nutty wholesome taste and can be used for everything from a breakfast porridge to an entrée with vegetables.  You can search this blog by typing “quinoa” in the right hand search box to find more recipes.

Here is a quinoa bread recipe that reminds me of the traditional New England breads with cooked grains and seeds as star ingredients.  The small kernels of the quinoa will be a nice and crunchy finish on top of the bread.  Now that we are into winter I have been baking more breads.  The process does require some prep time and checking back between the rising stages, but there is nothing like freshly baked bread on a cold night.

This recipe has a rising time of 2 hours so that is enough time to complete some errands, make some vegetable soup and get work done on my computer.  I like the mixture of whole grain wheat and bread flour with the quinoa and oatmeal.  This makes a great texture in the bread with the higher gluten content of the bread flour and the healthier whole grains.  I use the local whole wheat flour from Marketplace and King Arthur bread flour.  My goal is to keep my ingredients local, but the King Arthur Flour Company in Vermont has a higher percent of protein which has helped me bake in our high altitude.  You can purchase King Arthur flour in most stores in Santa Fe.  Bread is not impacted by altitude, but I use a mix of bread flour in almost all my baking recipes.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Whole Grain & Quinoa Bread

From the Chef In You blog

Click here for the recipe link


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