Greens Soup Recipe

What do you do with greens that are a little less crisp?  Make soup!  I have a habit of checking my refrigerator each Sunday to find things that I have overlooked (or forgot about) during the week.  Sometimes these vegetables are a little more wilted and they go into a soup recipe where they will be wilted on purpose.  That is my plan for today’s collard greens that the farm reports as delicious, but not crisp. You can puree any type of greens to add to soup broth.

Greens, Bean and Turkey Soup

By Amy

1 bunch of collard greens (or kale, spinach or other dark green)

1 can of canaleni beans, rinsed

3 cups of low sodium chicken broth

1/2 lb ground dark turkey meat

1 tsp mexican oregano

1 tsp fennel seeds

salt and pepper

Brown the turkey with salt and pepper.  Add fennel seeds and cook for one minute.  Add oregano. Add beans and broth. Puree greens in a food processor. Add to soup.


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