Persimmon Muffin Recipe

The last of this season’s persimmons are in our shares this week.  The best (and easiest) way to eat a persimmon is right out of the skin with a spoon.  It makes a perfect little cup.  These persimmons are ripe and nice and sweet.  There are lots of persimmon recipes on this blog if you use the search feature in the right-hand column.  I have made all of them and they help to showcase the fruit with everything from a dip for vegetables to decadent desserts.  I wanted a really special recipe to wrap up the season and one from David Lebovitz came into my email box yesterday.  Perfect timing for one of my favorite dessert chefs to highlight persimmons.

This recipe is for chocolate persimmon muffins.  They are hardy muffins with buckwheat flour, cocoa and chunks of chocolate.  Plus they have the sweetness of the persimmons.  I have two persimmons in my kitchen and we will receive two more in the CSA share so that will equal about 2 cups for the recipe.  If you only have this week’s fruit you could make half of the recipe.  I have seen organic persimmons at the Coop and Whole Foods that are from California.  If you can find New Mexico persimmons that would even be better to support local food.

I encourage you to visit his blog and read the article about making the persimmon muffins.  There is always a lot of delicious information.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Chocolate Persimmon Muffins

By David Lebovitz from the Good to the Grain Cookbook by Kim Boyce

Click here for the recipe


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