Apple Recipes

The Winesap apples from our CSA shares are good eating apples for salads and they hold their flavor when cooked in desserts.  They are also commonly used in making apple cider.

I have been slicing the apples in thin pieces and enjoying them for breakfast.  The natural sugar gives me great alertness in the morning.  Almost feels like my coffee.

There are quite a few apples in my fridge so I went to some of my favorite ways to cook apples.  Apple crunch, cake and apple butter.  Baked goods can also make great holiday gifts and are easy to wrap with a little wax paper and a ribbon.  What are your favorite ways to eat the apples?

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Classic Apple Crunch

From the Straight From The Farm website

This is a good site for cooking whole foods.  I usually make my grandma’s and mom’s apple crunch, but this one is upgraded with rising agents in the crumble.  It calls for 10 cups of apples (which is about 10 apples), but I made half with 5 apples.

Click here for the recipe

Apple Buttermilk Cake

From the Pinch My Salt blog

Good blog that I have followed for years.  I made this cake last winter as gifts.  It is a short cake in a springform cake pan and that works well for high altitude baking.  I also substituted bread flour for a higher gluten so that it would cook through in the center.  It was more done on the edges, but tasted wonderful in the middle as well.  I also mixed sugar and cinnamon and sprinkled on the top for presentation.  Yum!

Click here for the recipe

Apple Butter

From the Daily Green website

Simple way to keep your apples and eat in a different way.  I love apple butter in plain lowfat greek yogurt.  It makes me feel it is a creamy dessert even if it is for breakfast.

Click here for the recipe


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