Pomegranate Recipes

Big beautiful pomegranates in our share this week!  It has energized me to eat more of the seeds and make some more easy jam.  Remember that the pomegranates will store for several months if kept cool.  I still have some from two months ago on my counter and they are great.  Don’t worry if the outer skin seems dry, the inside will still have lovely seeds.  Just be careful when you are cutting them.  I usually cut a small slash before cutting them in half to make sure that the knife only cuts them.  Inspect your pomegranates for any tears in the skin which could cause issues and those should be opened first under a different bowl until you are sure that they are great inside.

Watch the farmer demonstrate cutting a pomegranate!  Click here for the photos

Need a refresher on seeding the pomegranate?  Click here for my tips

My previous pear-pomegranate jam is almost gone and I found this great blog with amazing pictures and easy recipes.  This jam is even easier to make.  They have a tip to gain more juice by squeezing the pomegranate with one hand, press with your fingers inside the pomegranate with the other hand (the cut side will face the bowl) and extract as much juice as possible.  You can place the seeds in a container in your fridge for about a week.  They can be used in green salads, quinoa or grain dishes or with yogurt.

Click here for the Pomegranate Jam Recipe and Pictures


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