Quince Recipe from Corina

Thank you to CSA member Corina for sending this recipe.  If you have ways to prepare any of our CSA fruits and vegetables, please email me at blog@beneficialfarm.com

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Baked Quince

From CSA Member Corina

Wash and pat dry; carefully cut a circle at the top, extracting what
will become a lid to be placed again on the quince at the end of prep.
with a small spoon, carefully remove the seed pod, as it is done with
apples; place a level tablespoon of sugar in the cavity thus made,
and fill 3/4 with a good sweet wine, like a Madeira; top with a small
square of sweet butter, and put the little “caps” back on. I
recommend loosely wrapping each quince in foil, and placing them in
muffin tins, to keep them level and prevent the wine from spilling
out while baking at 350 dgs. until done, which depends on the size of
the fruit.


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