Arugula Recipes

Arugula is one of the greens that people either love to eat or are a little scared to eat due to the grassy and zesty taste.  I love arugula and eat it in salads or raw because I like the stronger taste.  My boyfriend likes cooked arugula with something creamy such as eggs or cheese.  I also add sliced arugula into lots of vegetable dishes, like the CSA curry last week, that have a lot of complex flavors.

These are great ways to eat arugula and get vitamin A, even if it is not your favorite green.

Let me know how you enjoy arugula.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Recipes that Colleen sent

From the Watsonville, CA CSA website

Click here for the website

Photo by Lisa Styles

Eggs & Arugula

From Amy

2 farm fresh eggs

1/2 bunch of arugula

1/2 sweet onion

1 clove of garlic

4 kalamata olives

feta cheese

1 tsp dried oregano

salt and pepper

Dice the onion and saute in olive oil for a few minutes on medium low heat.  Add the garlic, oregano and olives and wait until you smell the garlic cooking before adding the arugula.  Make sure that you remove any large stems and slice the arugula very thin.  I curl all the leaves in one hand and let it out slowly as I chop it.  You want the arugula to wilt so add a handful of water and place a cover over the pan.  In about 2 minutes it will have wilted and you can add the whisked eggs into the pan.  I add salt and pepper at this point.  The eggs will set on the bottom and then I stir around in the pan to cook all over.  Add the feta cheese while in the pan.  Enjoy with a warm tortilla or toast.



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3 responses to “Arugula Recipes

  1. Linda Young

    Sounds yummy!

  2. I love it every way as it is definitely my favorite green. Zesty and fresh on sandwiches and mixed into salads or like last night, on top of white bean soup with parmesan.

    • beneficialfarmscsa

      Thanks for the comment Tammy. I love arugula too. The main farm of our CSA grows amazing greens. I like your white bean soup idea to be the creamy ingredient against the tangy greens. Your blog has a lot of interesting topics and I am following it now.

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