My Garden: Green Tomato Cake Recipe

This weekend was “the last of the green tomatoes”.  I have enjoyed the extra tomatoes and cooking challenges of the green tomatoes.  I have made relish and salsa with the green tomatoes and canned it.  I have added green tomatoes to dishes for that extra zing of flavor.  I have watched as they turned red and were used as ripe, summer-smelling tomatoes.  But this weekend was the end of the green ones and I needed a great way to prepare the last of the season and share it with my friends.

People have sent me tomato pie recipes, but I could not wrap my head around a bright and slightly sour tasting pie.  The tomatoes needed something soft and sweet to balance their flavor.  My ideas went to a tart or a cake.  I found some information on baking with green tomatoes in plum cake recipes. The water content and potential sweetness would be similar to a plum so that seemed to work as a substitute.

I moved forward with the popular recipe for a plum cake.  Here it is from the cookbook author Marian Burros in the New York Times and was originally in her cookbook The Elegant, but Easy Cookbook. The great news is that you don’t have to change any of the ingredients or steps but the green tomatoes.  Core the tomatoes and slice thinly on an angle.  The tomatoes have a more firm texture and are easy to slice in consistently thick pieces.  I also used tomatoes that were roughly the same height to receive the same length of slices and would fit in a circle in the cake pan.

I arranged them on top of the rich cake dough in concentric circles, like the top of a beautiful tart.  The cake took longer to cook at 7,000 ft, but was delicious and my hiking group enjoyed the cake at our 500th hike party last night.

Let me know how you are enjoying your green tomatoes.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger


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2 responses to “My Garden: Green Tomato Cake Recipe

  1. alice lee

    Lovely, Amy!

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