Before the Freeze

Last week ended the garden season in Santa Fe when it froze on Monday night.  I spent the weekend and most of Monday picking all of my peppers, chiles, tomatoes and herbs.  This was a bad weather year for tomato plants due to the slow spring with late planting dates.  The plant in this picture is a Brandywine variety that I bought from Beneficial Farms the first week in June.  This picture was taken on 10/27.  It grew to four and a half feet tall with tons of green tomatoes.  Some of my tomato plants were started in the ground towards the end of June.  I have photos of how I planted them and how large they got throughout the season.  This will be in another blog entry later in the week.

I accumulated approximately 2.5 recycled grocery bags of tomatoes.  Most of them were completely green.  Some of them were very large and looked delicious.  I talked to several Santa Fe gardeners and they all believed that ripening green tomatoes off the vine would taste better than buying tomatoes at the store.  No special wrapping in newspaper or setting in the sun are required.  Here is information from the In My Kitchen Garden blog that discusses how easy it is to ripen tomatoes indoors.

I tried this concept this week and it is working.  I have several tomatoes turning orange or red.  It has been one week since I picked these tomatoes and I will have 3 or 4 that will be ripe enough to eat on Wednesday.

Keep watching the blog for recipes and cooking tips with tomatoes!

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger


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