Arugula Green Chile Cheddar Sandwich Recipe

I woke up today thinking about the green chile cheddar cheese in my special order at the CSA.  There are actually pieces of mild-medium green chile in the cheese.  I ordered this cheese on Marketplace and it will be available again next week.  Dena let me know if had a great depth of flavor so I have been thinking about other ingredients to add, but keep the focus on cheese.  Since I was making lunch, a grilled sandwich seemed perfect.

Sandwiches can be really simple with basic ingredients on bread with a little mustard.  That would not be my sandwich today.  My mom brought me up with BLT sandwiches so I started with that basic idea.  I had ripe tomatoes from my garden so I decided to grill them with a little sherry vinegar and salt to give them a soft texture and taste burst.  The tomatoes from the share today would work well also.  Instead of lettuce, I have arugula from the share and that would add a slight bitter flavor.  Prosciutto would be in place of bacon and is a type of Italian smoked meat. It would meld well with cheese and fied egg that I planned to add also.  The sandwich was wonderfully warm with a crisp crust.  Enjoy!

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Arugula Green Chile Cheddar Sandwich

By Amy

2 slices whole wheat bread or your favorite type

2 slices of a large tomato

handful of arugula

1 piece of procuitto

1 tsp mayonaise

sherry vinegar


3 or 4 slices green chile cheddar to cover one side of the bread

Turn on a griddle or grill pan to medium high.  Add a little olive oil and then the tomatoes to toast.  Add salt and a small amount of sherry vinegar on top of the tomatoes.  Turn them after a few minutes.

Add mayonnaise to one side of the bread and place the tomatoes over it.  The other side of the bread will be covered in cheese, then arugula, prosciutto and the fried egg.  Place butter on the griddle and add the sandwich.  It should cook in a few minutes and you can turn it.  If you have a sandwich press, that would meld the sandwich together even more.  Enjoy!


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