Tomato Chicory Salad Recipe

My grape tomato plant produced the last tomatoes today.  It had been a huge bush with several long vines.  Today, I picked the last of the fruit and cut it down for the season.  I hear that it may freeze overnight on Monday so I will cut down the rest of the plants (ten or eleven) tomorrow.  Here is a salad that I had for lunch to enjoy the end of the tomato season.  You could use the lovely tomato from the CSA share this week.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Tomato Chicory Salad

By Amy

2 cups of Mesa Top Salad mix

2 Chicory leaves, sliced very thin

2 cups of grape tomatoes

Goat cheese, in small peices

5 kalamata olives

1 tblsp of sesame seeds

Creamy dressing to cut the bitter greens.  I used an asiago cheese dressing that had a vinegar bite in it as well.

Toss the salad ingredients together and enjoy


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