Waffle Garden at the Railyard- Blue Corn

The Beneficial Farms Demonstration & Education Garden is coming to a fall close.  The eleven squash plants developed powdery mildew and are done for the season.  This is a disorder that my squash plants get in the fall and they stop producing.   The last squash harvest was donated to the Lutheran Church of the Servant to feed groups such as the homeless children in the Santa Fe schools called Adelante.

The fall vegetables are in season now.  Blue corn has been in New Mexico for hundreds of years and we decided to grow it in the demonstration garden for the beauty and heritage.  The Spanish discovered it in the southwest in 1540, but it was here in the pre-Columbian era.  It is most used in flours and popcorn.  We will most likely dry the corn and try to use it as popcorn or mill in a food processor for some course flour.  If you have any ideas, please let us know.


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