Beneficial Farms CSA Now in Albuquerque

Beneficial Farms CSA Now in Albuquerque

Beneficial Farms Community Supported Agriculture is now accepting members in Albuquerque.  Weekly distribution to members will begin on Friday, June 25 from 4-6 pm at the La Montanita Coop Warehouse at 3361 Columbia NE .  Beneficial Farms CSA works with up to 40 regional farms each year and offers abundant, affordable weekly shares of fresh fruit and vegetables and other local and regionally produced foods to its members year round.  All produce is grown with sustainable chemical free methods.  Participating farmers use only natural fertilizers and pest management methods. “Anchor” farms include Vida Verde in Albuquerque, Mesa Top in Santa Fe and Shiraz Vineyard in La Luz.  Shiraz Vineyard adds fascinating fruit such as pomegranates and figs to the weekly shares during the summer and frozen cherries and peaches in the cold winter months.

First started in the 1980s in New England, Community Supported Agriculture emerged as a way for consumers to invest in the farms that nourished them and to create a sense of community around local food. A group of families agreed to pay for farmers’ early growing season costs and the farms agreed to produce as much food as they could with those dollars. The idea spread and some farmers chose to form CSAs in groups to offer more variety. Beneficial Farms CSA started as traditional CSA for Mesa Top Farm in 1994, and grew to become a collaborative supporting as many as 40 regional farms each year.

The cost of a fruit and vegetable share is $25 per week, with optional additions of weekly shares of eggs, artisanal cheese and grass-fed ground beef.  A new website offers online sign up and a Marketplace for extra items like organic quinoa, honey, frozen green chile and dried pinto beans.

Contact Priscilla Remke at, 505.453.3360



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