Hakura Turnip Recipes

We received Hakura Turnips in the share today.  Many of you have provided great feedback on these wonderful white turnips in previous distributions last fall.  They are referred to as Hakura, Harukei or salad turnips are grown from spring through October, so we are in the beginning of the season and will most likely see them again.  Most members have told me about using the turnips in fresh salads or eating them raw.  There are additional ways to eat these little turnips and I have some easy recipes below.  Let me know your favorite way to eat these vegetables as I post member recipes each Saturday.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Easy Curry Turnips

This one comes from the VeggieProject blog that is focused on eating local food in the Boston area.  I have looked up other recipes on this site and recommend it.  I lived in Cambridge, MA for about six years before moving back west so I love to follow food stories about the area.  This is one of those 10 minute quick recipes for a side dish.

Click Here to see the recipe and check out the blog

Easy Turnip Salad with Simple Home made Dressing

Another very simple recipe to use these fresh turnips.  It sounds similar to many of you that used in salads.  I love the vinagrette recipe and use something very similar on a regular basis.  Making my own salad dressing makes me feel more healthy avoiding the sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and omega 6 oils in many of the bottled dressings.  I add lettuce to this salad to make it a meal.
Click here for the recipe


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