Pinto Bean Tips from Dena

It was a great treat to receive pinto beans in today’s CSA share.  I have tried to cook dried beans in New Mexico and not had a lot of luck to have a tender bean.  After talking with Dena today, I understand two methods that will make fantastic beans every time.  A pressure cooker is how she normally cooks the beans.  You could also use a slow cooker for a longer period of time to create tender beans.  Here are her tips.

Pinto Bean Tips

  • Sort the beans throughly, 10 to 12 beans in your hand at a time
  • Remove out any rocks
  • Wash throughly in a strainer
  • Soak the beans overnight in purified water
  • Use the same water to cook the beans in a pressure cooker or slow cooker on low. (don’t add salt to the beans as this will slow the process)
  • Cook the beans until tender and check them to ensure they are tender
  • After they are cooked, saute onion and garlic to add.  Tamari and red chile powder add flavor.
  • You could also add celery and carrots to make a nice soup

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One response to “Pinto Bean Tips from Dena

  1. alice lee

    I too have not had much luck with cooking dried beans here in Santa Fe. What gives?I don’t own a pressure cooker, nor a slow cooker. I will try soaking them over night and cook the heck out of them –a long time–and cross my fingers. Any other secrets out there?

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