Beef Brisket from Beneficial Farms

I am eating my way through my last order of Beneficial Farms beef during this cold spell.  Roasts have been working well.  Today, we thawed a brisket.  This is a good example for grass-fed beef cooking processes because you can braise it or cook in a slow cooker.  Low and slow make the Beneficial Farms meat from Mesa Top have a wonderful texture.  A wet cooking process retains the juices and keeps the fat dripping into the mix.  This brisket did have some nice layers of fat to work with.  I have posted recipes specific to this type of meat under the BEEF menu.  Click here for the brisket recipes.

Now that you have read that paragraph on the best ways to cook the grass-fed beef, I have to admit that I tried a short cut yesterday and it was not as successful.  My Sunday got away from me.  Instead of cooking the brisket in the slow cooker for 10-12 hours, I left it in the fridge.  All of the sudden it was 3pm and dinner was in danger.  I went to my beef recipes and decided to use the oven instead of the slow cooker.  I also read recipes for other types of beef that have different structure.  Here is what I did and why a slow cooker would have produced a better dinner.

Beef Brisket by Amy

I browned the meat with red chile, salt and pepper.  I love onions in beef juice so I used a giant onion, cut into rings.  These sauted in olive oil at the bottom of the enameled cast iron pot that I would use for the brisket.  When the onions were soft, I added about 1/4 cup cider vinegar for flavor.  Then, added 5 carrots cut in wedges.  The brisket went on top with some tomato, chile and chicken broth at the bottom.  This was based on recipes for other briskets and gave a cooking time of 3+ hours on 350.  It should have been a slower cooking process on a lower temp.  Overall, using a cooking method that was intended for a higher-fat type of meat only worked about half way.  Mine was tasty, but a little tough due to my quick cooking process.  I know the mistakes that I made and wanted to share them with you.

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