Steve’s Weekly Update for 2/25/10

Dear members,

It seems stupid to keep giving weather reports at the beginning of the member message.  It is what it is!  More snow, more cold, more mud, and still, we are all fairly confident that spring is around the corner.  Meanwhile, no one except those who have to is journeying to or from Mesa Top Farm.  The sad excuse for a road is pretty well beaten beyond recognition, as are the cars and trucks that try to navigate it

This week’s update on cheese value chain and Jim Miller Ayrshire projects:

Milk volume at OWD is improving daily.  The recipes for mozzarella and cream cheese are being perfected.  Additional bulk milk storage equipment is arriving early next week.  The first commercially marketable Aryshire milk cheese should start rolling off the line next week.

This week’s Veggie/Share Update:

We found a “one time” harvest of green baby lettuce, being grown out at NMSU as part of a yield trial.  It is grown without chemicals and Luz Hernandez of Gard-N-Hers Farm has helped harvest and prepare it for us.

Along with that we have a small helping of Charybda Farm’s “mega greens”, a spicy addition for your salad.  Watch the blog for more information on these greens.

We hoped to have watercress this week, per the promise of a new farmer, but they have evaporated into thin air.  If they re-materialize, we may be able to offer the cress next week.

In order to keep things simple this week we have onions and potatoes, and are skipping a week of Gemini carrots.  Next week, we will resume carrots and will give 2 lbs per share.  Then, skip a week again and then it is likely that the following week will be our first week of carrots from the fall harvest of 2009.

Fruit this week includes Rio Star grapefruit, one more time, and Elijah Farm’s Fuji apples.

This is an interesting week, with some specialty items and some staples and some old standbys.  We hope you enjoy them all.

Thank you for your support,

Steve Warshawer


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