Celeriac- A Salad Recipe from Dena

Have you tried Celeriac, also known as celery root?  This is an item available only through special order.  It is #10 on the list and is $2.50 per lb.  You can order through the special order process at details@beneficialfarm.com. Click here for special orders

Celeric is a root vegetable with a celery taste.  Purees and mashes are a popular way to eat this in the winter.  It can be eaten raw, but oxidizes quickly so have a bowl of lemon water as you are cutting.  I see a lot of recipes that use fennel with it in soups and gratins.

Dena provides a simple salad recipe below.

Apple and Celery Root Salad

Cook whole celery root 45 minutes in water

(weight with a plate as it floats);

Cool, peel and cut into wide, fat french fry sized pieces.

Cut apples into julienned pieces; use both green and red

Dressing is cider vinegar, olive oil, German mustard and chives

Toss and serve.


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