Update from Steve for Jan 21, 2010

Dear members,

Wow!  Nearly a foot of wet snow at Mesa Top Farm overnight on Monday, more coming Tuesday night, and possibly more again on Thursday.  I was just pondering the rapid (and early) loss of our snow cover.  Now, we have a nice renewed snow cover.  Although snow makes ALL of our winter work more difficult, I always favor a snowy winter because of the good it does for our subsoil moisture, and eventually for our pastures.  I think that it helps us reduce spring (and even summer) irrigation in the garden as well.

This week’s update on cheese value chain and Jim Miller Ayrshire projects:

Discussion is under way to develop financing and possibly “investors” to support the Ayrshire herd as I work to “grow” its number.  We need more cows (and bulls) so we can start choosing the best and breeding them.  We need financing so that more milk can be turned into cheese, and aged.  This process adds value but also builds inventory.  And there is not way to build inventory without CASH, to pay various suppliers along the way, whether it’s the cow’s feed bill, or equipment needs, there cannot be more cheese without financing and investment, and “new sources” are needed in order to support further growth.

I also need more grass.  Discussion is under way to find more local pasture!

Updates on this week’s food

This week’s produce surprise is Mesa Top greens, grown this summer and blanched and frozen.  You will receive ¾ lb, in a nice freezer bag.  As it will have begun to thaw, I recommend NOT re-freezing it, rather keep it in the fridge and use it soon.

We also have Gard-n-hers spinach!

This week’s Gemini Farm roots are rutabaga and parsnip.  Remember that these crops store very well in your fridge.  And by the end of January we will be out of all roots except carrots, potatoes, and onions.  PLEASE do not pass over these amazing veggies even if you are accumulating root veggies in your fridge.  That’s the only way we can do this right now…  If we do not transfer the crops from our farmers to you, then they will be sold to other customers.

This week we have our last batch of Rio Star Grapefruits.  It was a short crop this year.

Thank you again for your support!

Steve Warshawer


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