Member Tips for Turnips

I love to receive tips from members when I am having challenges on how to eat a vegetable.  We had great conversations in distribution this week and more information arrived in my email box.  Thanks Debra for the tips!

Turnip Tips from Debra

This summer we were enjoying slicing the turnips about 1/4″ thick, tossing in olive oil and grilling. Then tossing them in a little melted butter with rosemary and garlic.  I’ve found it works just as well in the oven on a cookie sheet, about 350 until nicely roasted.

The other yummy turnip consumption tip: shred a few with potatoes for hashbrowns, or toss a few in your mashed potatoes.



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2 responses to “Member Tips for Turnips

  1. Duskin

    Haggis, (made from sheep organs such as the heart, liver and lungs, plus oatmeal, then boiled in a sheep stomach) is famous as the National Dish of Scotland. It is traditionally served with “Neeps and Tatties,” a combination of mashed potatoes and mashed turnips. Don’t forget the single malt Scotch!

  2. Jackie

    Inspired by last week’s share, I made a recipe for potato-leek soup, but (as usual) elaborated on it somewhat by adding in turnips and parsnips. When all was pureed together, it had a very nice flavor.

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