Health: Right Here with the CSA Food

I read a lot of blogs about recipes, health and sustainability.  This article really stuck with me yesterday because it made so much sense and included many of our CSA vegetables.  My health had some new challenges this summer, but I was able to kick the surgery and treatments with my “food” health.  The doctors in the hospital were amazed that I did not swell, could walk right after surgery and had an appetite to eat.  What I wanted to eat was my CSA share!  My family was able to make salads with apples, tomatoes and homemade dressing and bring to the hospital from my CSA share.  They also made other veggie dishes for me and I believe it directly impacted my healing.  My doctor even released me from the hospital one day ahead of schedule.

I have continued with the fresh pomegranate juice, butternut squash soups and greens mac & cheese to continue to build back my health.  All of the foods that we receive are high on the list of the “super” foods or healthiest foods.  Great news for the CSA members.

The article that I read yesterday includes several of the winter CSA vegetables under the beta carotene section, which help boost your immune system.  Other CSA veggies are on the list as well.  Check it out.

Click here for the link to the Daily Green blog

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger


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  1. Great article , Amy! Thanks for posting the link and healthy eating to you!

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