Roasting Tips from the Gourmet Healer

Here is a healthy cooking style from Angie King, The Gourmet Healer.  For more information on oils, visit the blog entry from Thur, Nov 19.

Oven-Roasted Fall Veggies: An Intuitive Recipe

Intuitive Cooking: Style of cooking that works by trusting one’s gut about what the body wants to be fed.  No rigid measurements required, but creativity and a basic understanding of what usually works is helpful.

For roasting veggies– for instance, any assortment of chopped sweet potatoes, squash, red or white potatoes, carrots, celery, fennel and any variety of onions you have around, first heat oven to 350 degrees. Once your veggies are in your roasting dish, add your seasoning (try cumin, coriander, cinnamon, fresh garlic, salt and pepper, plus your favorite fresh herbs). Add water/broth to cover the bottom of your dish and cover all with foil so that the veggies soften and don’t dry out. I usually add a little ghee or Avocado Oil throughout, but this is optional. When the veggies are soft enough to pierce easily with a fork (~30 min), uncover and turn your oven temp to broil. Cook until crisp. Remove from the oven, drizzle generous olive oil, and more freshly chopped herbs if you wish.  Enjoy!

OR: (there’s always an “or” in Intuitive Cooking!)

For a balanced One-Dish meal, add some whole skin-on, preferably free-range, chicken legs seasoned with salt, pepper,lemon juice and lemon zest along with your veggies. Make sure you allow enough time for your chicken to cook through before uncovering and broiling. Adding skin-on chicken will give your veggies a wonderful flavor. No need for other oils during cooking, just stir the veggies around about 15 minutes into cooking. Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil on just before serving. Making dinner a One-Dish meal will save you time and energy in the kitchen, which makes mealtime more delicious and enjoyable.  Have fun with this recipe, and by all means add your own touches to it!

Blessings and Good Health,

The Gourmet Healer
Angie King, MS, RD, LD
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