Pumpkin Recipes

Most people think of pumpkin pie when they hear “pumpkin”, especially for the Thanksgiving celebrations next week.  We will receive pie pumpkins this week that are easy to roast and have fresh pumpkin puree.  Since most people have a pie recipe, here are some savory recipes that you can make as well.  I have seen a recipe each day that looks interesting so I have tried to add a variety here for you.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Pumpkin Chili from http://www.seriouseats.com
This recipe has pumpkin paired with green chile!  I have made very similar recipes and it does make a very hearty and semi-sweet chili that would taste great with green chile.  You will have to overlook the fact that it calls for canned green chile…remember that not everyone lives in New Mexico and chile is harder to find in other states.
Click here for the link

Breakfast Pumpkin Pie French Toast from http://www.closetcooking.com
This recipe uses 1/4 cup pumpkin puree so you will have extra for the other recipes!
Click here for the link

Pumpkin Doughnuts from the Pinch My Salt blog
My father is a great baker.  He worked in bakeries growing up and can create amazing treats.  Our favorite growing up was Saturday Morning doughnuts.  He always gets up early so he had time to make the dough and let it rise.  By the time we ran downstairs in PJs, he was ready to fry them and have us add the cinnamon and sugar.  His method was a paper bag that we could shake.

This blog always has wonderful photography and in this recipe, step by step instructions.  This blog adapted it from Bon Appétit. Enjoy.
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Toasted Pumpkin Seeds from Simply Recipes
Don’t forget about the seeds!  Pumpkin seeds are easy to pull out and clean.  I use a mesh colander to bounce them around and make sure they are clean.
Click here for the link

Pumpkin Custard from The Nourished Kitchen Blog
This recipe calls for a little more pumpkin than we have received, but looked delicious so I had to include it.
Click here for the link

Pumpkin Coffee Cake from Closet Cooking Blog
This would be a great one for the day after Thanksgiving when you have extra pumpkin.  I have not made this one, but I think it is on my holiday list.
Click here for the link


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