Amy’s Week of CSA Food

Many members have asked about how I use my CSA food.  I love the email questions and try to address on the blog or facebook quickly.  What type of menus should be planned with a share of CSA food?  How can I cook all of this food before the next share?  These are all great questions and I think we can work together to share our experiences, recipes and tips.

This column will be written by guest writers who are members from the CSA.  Some of you have already signed up for weeks in December.  Let me know if you want to be part of this column and we can schedule a week for you.  We had some of these on the blog last year, but I feel that we can have a lot of fun and help your fellow eaters if we all work as a community.  Email me at

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Here is my week of CSA food

Nov 5th share: salad mix, arugula, scallions, baby beets, kale, collards, onions, red delicious apples, persimmons

Thursday: Picked up the share at Kitchen Angels and went home to eat lunch.  Had a salad with some greens and scallions.  I knew that I would not eat the beets that day, so I chopped off the stems to keep them longer.  The stems were fed to my compost worms.  I also looked at apple recipes to make over the weekend.

Friday: For dinner, made a kale pizza from the link below.  I had made another kale pizza recipe from the same blog (Eggs on Sunday) the week before and added a few more ingredients.  I ran across this one and they had made some of the same upgrades, but made kale pesto as the base.  I added chicken sausage, marinara that I froze in October, scallions, onions and mushrooms.  I only had mozzarella cheese and did not add fennel. Making a large batch of something, like sauce, is great to do over a weekend and then freeze for later use.  I have tons of soups, sauces and pestos in the freezer!
Click here for the recipe from Eggs on Sunday blog

Saturday: I ate salad greens with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, black olives and a vinaigrette.  Planned to eat a beet salad and did not have time to prepare!

Sunday: My parents came and we made two apple pies and an apple cake that can be found on the blog.  The red delicious apples made great pie apples, even though my mom had wanted a different type.  We shared the pies with our neighbors and had an early Thanksgiving dinner.  We used the potatoes from a few weeks ago for buttermilk mashed potatoes.

Monday: Too tired to cook after Sunday.  We made pasta with a jar of sauce from the store.  Sometimes you need to have an easy dinner thrown into the week.  I did add some arugula at the end of the cooking to wilt in for a green vegetable.  We made a quick salad with the greens and did not even add toppings.

Tuesday: Realized that the arugula was becoming limp and looked up my easiest arugula recipes.  They were also posted on the blog last week.  The arugula pesto is always a crowd pleaser, but I had my parents who are not big fans of arugula.  I decided to buy some spinach to mix with the arugula and spread out the taste.  The nuts were walnuts to add more oil to the pesto and round out the flavor.  Pesto is an easy thing to make with greens!
Click here for the arugula blog post

Wednesday: Planned to make a beet salad and ran out of time.  We all went out to dinner instead.

At the end of the week, I still have the baby beets, persimmons and one onion.  All of these items will keep for a little longer.  The baby beets will either be steamed or roasted for a salad or a tray of roasted vegetables.  The carrots that we received today would be nice and sweet roasted with the beets and some potatoes.

The onion will keep in my hanging baskets.  I give them lots of air and find that they keep a long time.

The persimmons were too exciting to eat this week.  I think I will wait for more or locate more to make the persimmon bars that I posted on the blog last week.  They are very happy on my counter.  I see all of the fruits and veggies on the counter so that I can remember to eat them.

Please let me know your week of CSA food!


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