Steve Presents a Math Class About Farming

Steve was in Washington last week to continue his advocacy and policy work. He also had a chance to visit a class at a middle school in Germantown, Montgomery County, Md.  Here is more about the math class and a link to photos on the school’s website.

Steve Warshawer joins college chum John Fleming, math teacher at Roberto Clemente Middle School

Steve presented a class in applied mathematics based around the differences between an industrial poultry farm and the sustainable poultry project at Beneficial Farm.

The class highlighted the differences in such a way that the different values and attributes of each farm were presented in a way that we hope was accessible to middleschoolers.

John and his wife Emily Fox also have been hosting Steve on his frequent trips to Washington DC this fall.   Their support and hospitality has been instrumental in helping Steve be effective in his advocacy and policy work in Washington.

Click here for Steve’s Photo on the school website


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