Spotlight: Gard-n-hers Farm

gardnhers sun lit fields 2Steve had an opportunity to visit Gard-n-hers Farm last week in Dona Ana, near Las Cruces, NM. These photos are a window into the farm that is one of the key farms in the Beneficial Farms CSA.

There is continued excitement from the South as the CSA is making advance payment to Luz Hernandez of Gard-n-hers farm to support her expanded winter production of fresh greens for our CSA.  This process of providing farmers with advance payment helps to ensure that certain crops are grown and allows us to project the vegetables for your CSA shares. Luz has one acre of produce which is being grown with us in mind. We should begin seeing produce from Luz as part of the first winter share deliveries in November.

gardnhers field 1We hope that members will realize the importance of continuing our collective local food experience over the winter.  It is one of those strange things that without clear “market demand”, farmers do not produce more food.  Luz is a perfect example in that this is the fourth year I have worked with her and now she sees the value and importance, to her farm and to our community, of scaling up her capacity. Just look at all of the exciting greens and food that Luz has started in the fields.

If gardnhers field 3we continue to work together as a modern Collaborative, combining aspects of COOPERATIVE and aspects of CSA, we build opportunity for farmers and value for members.  Each year more farms and more opportunities will gravitate because of its ease, simplicity, and the fair price it offers for farmers, along with its fair pricing and efficiency of distribution to members.

I realize that here in the North we have lots of options for organic food, and local as well, but nothing beats the CSA for its ability to directly link farmers and members with best value and pricing for all.

Here is a look at our future CSA food shares

Here is a look at our future CSA food shares


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  1. Alice and Morgan

    Thanks for the photos, Steve. It is so important to support our local small farmers. I encourage everyone to continue with CSA.

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