Steve’s Weekly Update for October 29

Dear members,

For some of you this is the last week of distribution. We hope your experience has been rewarding and we hope you will spread a good word and rejoin us soon.

Thank you to the many continuing members. Your support helps us increase markets and opportunities this winter for our region’s farmers and other food producers. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of food that we will offer this winter.

Also thank you to our loyal volunteers who help the staff accomplish all of the necessary tasks associated with operating our diverse and sometimes complex CSA.

And thank you to La Montanita COOP distribution center and its staff whose services are instrumental in accessing many of our most important farms. Without the CDC, Shiroz and Desert Garden and Garden-hers products would not make it to Santa Fe.

And thank you to our staff and heroic efforts that they have put forward to help build a new kind of coop/collaboration for the benefit of all participants.

We continue to look for ways to improve your experience while delivering value to our New Mexico and area farmers. We welcome your suggestions.

While we recognize that the CSA approach is not for everyone, we have been able to increase flexibility of our offerings mostly through member input.

This week we have a nice supply of butternut squash. We also have mesa top leeks to go with potatoes.

Quince are included along with apples and some recipes and links are on the blog so you can enjoy them.

Okay, well that’s it for now. If you are still unsure about the winter, all I can say is that I am excited about the direction that we are taking, the products that we are offering, and the processes for distribution of food and sharing information,

We look forward to your continued support.

Steve W



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2 responses to “Steve’s Weekly Update for October 29

  1. Alice and Morgan

    Thank You,Steve, for all your hard work in bringing us healthy. good food!

  2. Steve,

    Likewise, I’m really grateful for the locally produced organic produce.

    While I know we need to be flexible in this process, I’m a bit disappointed that the distribution site, timeframe and gift policy were changed, without consult. The food I purchased some months ago was donated without my consent to (yes a good cause), but this was not my intent or purchase agreement with you.

    Best wishes, Miriam Hill

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