Quince Recipes


Quince that we received in our CSA share today

Quince remind me of holidays for the smell of warm desserts.  The fruit should not be eaten raw due to an astringent taste.  It is not harmful, but you might not have a very good experience with the raw fruit.  Luckily there are several great jams, syrups and desserts that pair quince with apples and pears.

Like pomegranates, they are an ancient fruit that has been enjoyed for thousands of years.  Quince is also pictured in mythology and is an ancient symbol of love.  Check out the links to its background with really interesting information of the fruit’s history.

They make great jam due to the high pectin content as well as great desserts as the taste is a combination of apple and pear.  Take a look at the Simply Recipes blog as the first dessert link gives tips for cutting a quince.  Quince is a fruit that needs to be cooked so I have provided some health information, food background and recipes for the 1lb of quince that we received this week.  Let me know if you have any quince recipes or ideas at blog@beneficialfarm.com or commenting at the end of this blog entry.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Here are some interesting stories of the background of quince

Click here for the history of quince

Click here for history and health information from www.chelseagreen.com

This is from the site http://www.everynutrient.com which provides information on many other fruits and vegetables.  Click here to read more

Health Benefits of Quince

The following information states the major nutrients found in quince.  It also reveals research findings on the health benefits of eating quince.

Quince are relatives of apples and pears.  They all belong to the pome fruit family.  They are a good source of Vitamin A, fiber, and iron.  Due to their astringent taste from their high tannin content, quince are not eaten fresh.  They contain a high level of pectin just as other fruits in the pome family.  Due to their high pectin content, they are popular for use in jams, jellies, and preserves.  Since quince hold their shape, they are ideal for poaching, stewing, or baking as a dessert.

For more health information, visit
Discovery Health


Quince and Pear Strudel from http://www.deliciouslivingmag.com
This recipe creates a quince syrup!  Sounds like I will be making this over the weekend.
Click here for the recipe

Quince and Apple Strudel
This recipe calls for 2lbs of quince so it would be easy to make 1/2
Click here for the recipe

Lots of Quince Recipes from http://www.simplyrecipes.com blog
The first dessert recipe gives tips for cutting a quince
Click here for the recipes

Flan with Quince Compote
You could substitute apples for the extra quince that this recipe calls for.  I have never made a flan, but this recipe includes tips for cooking.
Click here for the recipe

Quince Chutney
I might change my mind and make this one.  Chutneys are really wonderful to use as toppings on several dishes.  This one calls for exactly a pound.
Click here for the recipe

Quince Butter from http://www.myrecipes.com
This is a reduction of quince, sugar and lemon juice that would taste yummy on toast. It calls for 1.5lbs of quince so you would need to make adjustments for 1lb.
Click here for the recipe

Savory Quince Recipes from Cooking Light
There are recipes for duck, lamb and pork on this page as well as an interesting introduction to the fruit.
Click here for the recipes



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3 responses to “Quince Recipes

  1. Julia

    A very easy and delicious quince recipe is quince applesauce:


    You won’t believe what a nice flavor the quince adds to regular applesauce.

    • beneficialfarmscsa

      Thank you Julia. I have a day reserved each week for a member recipe or cooking tip. This one will be posted later this week. I enjoy the comments and ideas so keep them coming. You can also email me at blog@beneficialfarm.com


  2. Antony

    Yes! Finally something about avocado.

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