Food Poll – Results

Members say “Keep it Local!”

Thank you for casting your votes last week to let us know your food preferences. The results show that members prefer to supplement local fresh produce with local groceries. There are also some clear favorites based on your votes. (All members will receive an email with the list).

We will use your input to guide us next season. In addition to quality, we use three criteria when selecting food shares:

1. availability

2. quantity

3. cost

When we need to supplement the shares, we will look at local grocery items that are available in a sufficient quantity at a reasonable cost. Once we identify those items, we will prioritize by selecting the items that were rated highest on the food ballot, except for items that are only available for a limited time (such as grapefruit which received many votes!)

We will also try to provide opportunities to place special orders for items that members rated high in the poll, but do not meet the three criteria (see above).  Watch for these opportunities next season. Please continue to provide us feedback throughout the season as items become available.  More polls will be offered on the blog to continue to receive your preferences.

Thank you and enjoy your shares!


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