Steve’s Weekly Update for Oct 22

Hello Members,

There is continued excitement from the South as the CSA is making advance payment to Luz Hernandez of Gard-n-hers farm to support her expanded winter production of fresh greens for our CSA.  Coming soon: an email announcement of photos of her 1 acre of produce which is being grown with us in mind.  We will post these to the blog! We should begin seeing produce from Luz as part of the first winter share deliveries in November.  Harmony Farm has also joined in and will offer carrots during the winter season and possibly some spinach which will help to complete the advance payment that we made to support Harmony early this spring!

Thank you to members who participated in last week’s winter food preference poll.  The results give us good guidance for the next six months.  It helps us know which items you prefer to be in the shares  and which should be offered as special order items.  The results will be summarized and available by end of this week. 

We hope that members will realize the importance of continuing our collective local food experience over the winter.  It is one of those strange things that without clear “market demand”, farmers do not produce more food.  Luz is a perfect example in that this is the fourth year I have worked with her and now she sees the value and importance, to her farm and to our community, of scaling up her capacity.  If we continue to work together as a modern Collaborative, combining aspects of COOPERATIVE and aspects of CSA, we build opportunity for farmers and value for members.  Each year more farms and more opportunities will gravitate to our CSA because of its ease, simplicity, and fair price it offer for farmers, along with its fair pricing and efficiency of distribution to members.  I realize that here in the North we have lots of options for organic food, and local as well, but nothing beats the CSA for its ability to directly link farmers and members with best value and pricing for all. 

Your continued feedback and suggestions help us improve: With the addition of the exchange table, and the conversion of our Outside Magazine site to a self-serve site, like Kitchen Angels and El Dorado, we thing that we will be able to further improve your experience and value.  We hope you will give it a chance!  Pattie is in touch with you about membership renewal.  This is an important time, over the next few weeks, in getting our suppliers and farmers lines out for the winter.

The only new item this week is acorn squash, from Tucker Farm in Embudo.  This is the last week of field tomatoes.  We will also have frozen green chile in next week’s share, and will offer you an chance to special order them as well.  We have some radishes and scallions from Mesa Top this week also!

Enjoy the bounty of the changing season!

All the best!

Steve W


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