What can you do with a pie pumpkin?

The pie pumpkins have arrived.  I learned last year that you can roast them like a squash and use the filling for all types of recipes.  I always use a strainer to seperate the strings from the yummy pumpkin flesh.  It is a large metal strainer with small holes and fits in most mixing bowls.  Check out the pomegranate post in Oct 12 to see photos.  A spatula helps to push the roasted vegetable through the holes.  Straining helps to keep the consistency of canned pumpkin if you are substituting from a recipe.  Click here for a blog that discusses the roasting technique.

I will post a few this week and hope to receive more tips from members.  There is also a discussion board on the Facebook Group (Search under Groups to locate on FB) if you have questions that we can answer on this blog.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger


Spiced Pumpkin Hot Cocoa from Eggs on Sunday blog
Lots of people think of pumpkin pie as the main application for a pumpkin, but here is an interesting way to use pumpkin puree.  This blog has lovely food photos and you can also sign-up for emails or follow their “tweets” on Twitter.
Click here for the recipe and blog

29 Pumpkin Recipes from Better Homes & Gardens Magazine
This month BH&G has many pumpkin recipes in their magazine and online.  They range from breads and desserts to soups and a pumpkin cheese spread. 
Click here for the recipes 

Ginger Pumpkin Muffins from the Epicurious Website

Click here for the recipe



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2 responses to “What can you do with a pie pumpkin?

  1. Alice and Morgan

    Thanks for the pumpkin links! I want to try pumpkin waffles: I have an oldie but goody waffle maker. Yum!

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