Member Tips for Pomegranates

After I posted the pomegranate juicing this week, we received other tips for easy pomegranate recipes from members.  Did I tell you how much I love seeing emails from members!  You all have the best ideas for the CSA food.  Keep them coming!  I would not have guessed how many ways you can seed and juice a pomegranate.  Read below for the tips.  Claudette lists a great website that is also linked on the POM menu of this blog under “recipes”.  When I have a food that I am stumped for ideas, I go back to the blog for inspiration.  If you have not seen the POM menu, take a look to learn about the health benefits and tons of easy recipes.  I use the recipe section for inspiration.

Enjoy the pomegranates while they are in season.  Remember that they will not be around fresh and local for long so there is a short window to drink juice, enjoy smoothies, make pom vinaigrette dressing from your own pom vinegar and enjoy the seeds with fruit salad.  I can not get enough of the juice that I made with oranges and plan to make pomegranate-concord grape juice today.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Tip from Dena

Poms can be juiced in a citrus juicer- when I lived in Mexico, poms were one of the options one could choose for a liquado (smoothie) And they were gorgeous pink and frothy…members might want to know about the juicing option.  I am one that loves them obviously.

Tip from Claudette

The pomegranates in our house hit critical mass so we went on the attack – seeded and/or juiced all on hand (easy to juice like lemons – who knew?). Sunday I made salmon with pomegranate/avocado salsa and (for me – Charles doesn’t drink) pomegranate margaritas. All delicious and beautiful to look at! More seeds in the fridge… I think next up is a pomegranate vinaigrette – recipes from this website:, which has a lot of recipes and easy instructions on seeding and juicing.

The link above is also in the POM menu at the top of this blog.


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